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Aya Narunsky (2019)

Conformational changes and ligand recognition in proteins: an evolutionary angle

Yana Gofman (2012)

Computational investigation of selected human ion channels

Ori Kalid (2011)

Four research projects

Daphna Meroz (2009)

In Silico Identification of Amino Acids Comprising the Avian-to-Human Barrier in Influenza A H5N1

Adva Yeheskel (2009)

Independent and cooperative motions of the Kv1.2 channel: Voltage-sensing and gating

Meytal Landau (2007)

Computational Investigation of Selected Protein Families.

Sarel J. Fleishman (2006)

Structure, Function and Motion in Transmembrane Proteins: Computational Studies with Receptors, Transporters and Channels.

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