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 Online Course 
From Molecules to Cells:  The Origin of Life on Earth

This webpage includes freely downloadable videos based on the book.  
Please acknowledge the book when using the materials .

Chapter 1


  • Biogenesis vs. abiogenesis

  • Life as a physicochemical phenomenon 

  • A general scerario for the emergence of life

Chapter 2
The Unifying Features of Life

  • The diversity of living organisms

  • The chemical & molecular basis of life

  • The cellular basis of life

  • Viruses

  • So, what is life?

Chapter 3
Abiogenesis: From molecules to Cells

  • When did life begin?

  • Where and how did life begin?

    • The appearance of simple molecular building blocks​

    • The appearance of macromolecules

    • The formation of the first cells

    • Implications to the emergence of life on other planets

    • Viruses as possible evolutionary intermediates

Chapter 4
The Molecular Evolution of Proteins

  • Protein evolution in life's development & speciation

  • The begining: ancient peptides as protein precursors

  • From simple proteins to complex ones

  • Evolution of protein function

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